“I Love Being Pregnant”, She Found A Way To Earn Staggering Amounts Of Money Whilst Pregnant.

Becoming a parent is said to be one of the greatest joys that exist because from that moment on you know that you will have to take care of another person, look after them, and understand your own desires. There are also numerous difficulties, but it is enough to look the little one in the eyes to understand that his love will repay all the effort. Some individuals have always wanted to become a father or mother, but fate does not allow them to turn the dream into reality.

Precisely for this reason, the protagonist of the story claims to adore when she becomes pregnant and for this reason, she decides to rent her womb for $40,000. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

via New York Post

Yessenia Latorre/Facebook

A mother from Atlanta (United States), named  Yessenia Latorre , is 26 years old and has given birth to 3 children so far, although she acted as a surrogate mother for one of them. Her desire is to help all those who would like to have children but cannot have them. For this reason, she decided to make herself available to them and rent her womb. Through social media, she wanted to talk about her journey as a surrogate mother and also encouraged other people to undertake this journey. In fact, there are many women who ask her questions about how to become a surrogate mother .

Yessenia Latorre/Facebook

“I have only been a surrogate mother once so far, but very soon I will be one again. I really love everything about pregnancy. I love having my belly, going to doctor’s appointments, and feeling the baby’s kicks. After having my son, I was very happy with the family I had, but I always felt like I wanted to be pregnant again. That’s why I thought that one way to ensure that I constantly experienced this condition was to become a surrogate mother .” To rent her womb he asks for 40,000 dollars, an amount that not everyone can afford, but she also gives an answer on this topic.

Yessenia Latorre/Facebook

As for the exorbitant amount he requests, i.e. 40,000 dollars, he explained that he doesn’t do it for money, but because such an amount can change your life, just like having a baby. This is why he believes there is a fair exchange because they are both actions that change the existence of a family. ” I’m proud of the choice I made .”

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