Homeless lady given free ‘ugly’ abandoned trailer, but wait till you see what she made of it.

Many individuals are choosing homesteading as their lifestyle nowadays. It involves growing food, preserving it at home, making textiles and clothes on a small scale, and creating crafts for personal use or to sell.

This lifestyle is becoming more popular because it allows people to maintain a good quality of life without needing a lot of money.

Mama V decided to embrace homesteading after feeling overwhelmed by city life. She fulfilled her dream of living in a cottage in the secluded woods by leaving behind the hustle and bustle of urban living and settling into an old mini-school bus.

Version 1: Initially, the small school bus appeared to be an ideal dwelling. However, with her cats and dogs accompanying her, the space became quite cramped. Consequently, she began contemplating the idea of acquiring an extra room, which proved to be a challenging task to organize and build. Moreover, she lacked the necessary funds for such an undertaking.

Later, a neighbor asked her to come over and gave her his old trailer that had been sitting in his yard for a long time.

He wished to dispose of it, but because Mama V enjoyed it and became extremely happy, he decided to give it to her without charge.

“She’s ugly, but she’s mine!” Mama V said of her trailer.

To renovate the trailer, she had to sell her bus. She knew that transforming the old trailer into a home would require a significant amount of time and effort, but she was prepared to take on the project.

Mama V needed help, so she requested her friends Jayme and Kevin to lend a hand.

Despite being dirty and needing repairs, the trailer was in good condition structurally and didn’t leak. Additionally, it came with a working microwave oven/stove combo and refrigerator.

Mama V was finally able to relax in her clean home after her friends left.

Version 1: The trailer had two propane tanks, a couch that could be pulled out, a complete kitchen, two twin beds, a bathroom with a shower and bathtub, a utility usage panel, and plenty of storage.

Mama V would begin her own garden and live the life she has always dreamt of once she gets comfortable.

She is happy that she and her pets will have a home and that she has wonderful neighbors who assist her with anything she requires as she begins this new journey.

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