At the Blues Festival, a Woman Rocks the Crowd Like No Other Boogie Woogie.

The world is filled with talented musicians and actors. It is truly impressive to possess both skills, but only a few are lucky enough to have both. Isn’t it something to be jealous of? Let me introduce you to Doña Oxford, an extraordinary person.

A video of Doña performing at the Riverfront Blues Festival in 2013 has received 12.8 million views on YouTube. Doña plays boogie-woogie, a popular musical style, in the video. At the start of the video, Doña asks if she can play for the crowd, who cheer enthusiastically and say yes.

Doña challenges everyone and begins playing after declaring she will teach them about boogie-woogie. She is truly impressive. It’s not just her impressive keyboard skills, but also her attitude and sass that enhance the enjoyment. She grooves to the rhythm, nods her head, and uses her hips to emphasize the music. I find great pleasure in watching this performance.

As the song goes on, she interacts with the audience by making jokes and even saying that she can dance with one hand tied behind her back. She teases the bass player, saying he can go home because she’s doing so well. He pretends to walk offstage while laughing. Then, she explains that the dance wouldn’t be complete without incorporating her right hand again. The pace of the dance gets faster and her hands become a blur for the rest of the performance. As expected, she receives a huge applause when she finishes her act.

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