An Incredible Audition, 12-Year-Old Sasha Stuns The Judges With Performance on The Voice Kids.

Sasha, a young singer from Georgia, performed a heartfelt rendition of “All by Myself” on a recent episode of The Voice Kids.

The judges and studio audience were amazed by the performance, and it has become a sensation online, with millions of views.

Sasha, also known as Alexandre, tried out for the fifth season of the competition without being able to see. The judges were immediately impressed by his voice, making it clear that his audition would be something special as soon as he began singing.

The judges were quick to react to the young talent’s performance. Each judge felt a strong urge to hit their big red button, showing they wanted to mentor him, all within a few seconds.

They looked back and saw Sasha, a 12-year-old with an amazing singing talent and a charismatic personality to match.

Sasha’s audition was truly remarkable, especially when he hit a high note that caused one judge to stand up and exclaim, “Wow!” Another judge had to cover her lips to contain her emotions.

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