5-Yr-Old Piano Prodigy Plays For 101-Yr-Old Grandma, Her Final Request Has Him In Tears.

Ryan Wang, a young piano talent, played a special concert for Dorothy Landry, who is 101 years old. The concert was arranged by CBC Music, where Ryan performed a unique piece called “Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song” for Landry after his impressive performances on “The Ellen Show” and at Carnegie Hall.

Dorothy has been a fan of Ryan since he was three years old, but her hearing impairment made it hard for her to enjoy his concert. CBC Music arranged a special private performance for her to have a more personal music experience.

Dorothy was seated in her wheelchair inside a small room, accompanied by Ryan. Ryan, who appeared quite young, held a large teddy bear and bounced on his feet. Upon expressing to “Grandma Dorothy” the significance of playing for her, Ryan’s words filled her with joy and excitement, evident from her beaming smile.

Dorothy made a special effort to thank Ryan and invite him to visit again after his trip to China. She called him a “very special little person” and expressed her excitement for his upcoming appearances. This unique musical connection showcases the power of intergenerational bonds and music’s universal language.

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