25 Lucky People Who Found Things That Are 1 In A Million.

Few people have been so lucky.

In today’s world, where the pandemic is still in many countries, it is easy to be focused on the news or on the topics that the media have given us. However, when we give ourselves a chance to take a break from this overexposure we may find that the world is still a place full of wonderful things.

In the following list we share 21 people who have found situations, moments or places that were so unique that they did not hesitate to capture them in a photograph. The results are so amazing that they seem to only happen once in a million. If you don’t believe us, keep sliding to check it out:

The biggest snail on the planet.

The lucky photographer to capture a rainbow and a double lightning bolt at the same time

A nest of unique frogs, they located it in my bathroom shower-

They found giant horns of urus, a type of extinct bovine.

They found a completely black squirrel.

The inside of a black cloudy carrot looks like a geode.

He was lucky enough to photograph a starwars ship.

The impossible but beautiful 5 leaf clover.

The way a spider made a web over a Spider-Man figure.

This shade creates the illusion of a piano.

In this track they practice how to paint the streets:

Bonnie and Clyde’s real car at the reception of the “Whiskey Pete” Casino in Primm (Nevada), United States.

He found a wine decanter, it is silver and very valuable.

The way this tree has grown around these signs.

These wasps made a totally white nest.

 “I work in an urban cleaning truck, all these controls open the different gates of the condominiums where we stop.”

My friend made a baby carrier adapted for her reptile.

There are sachets of vinegar.

The same brand of beer 20 years apart.

. This is what a breaking wave looks like, under the sea.

Miniature hyper-realistic bridge.

“A Pegasus made of clay.”

A tree where bears often hang out

This is what a Neanderthal would look like in modern clothes.

Tornado interceptor vehicle, it is practically a manned tank that can enter any tornado without the danger of being destroyed.

The largest apple ever harvested in the world, it weighed 1.84 kg.

This work of art at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

A baby gorilla and a newborn human react the same way to the feel of the cold stethoscope on their chest.

A little tank, considered the smallest on the planet.

A sign language sign

The world is still an amazing place and every day we live in it we may be the next to find something so unique that it is rarely seen. Do you have images that seem to be unique? Leave them in the comments. Share this gallery with your friends so they can be surprised by these curious wonders that we can all find, if we pay enough attention.

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