18 Times People Couldn’t Do Anything In Front Of The Enormous Power Of Nature.

It’s not always easy to get along with Mother Nature . Let’s face it: sometimes the elements around us bring out such power that we feel really small and defenseless in their presence. We can’t get the better of them, and that should be a pretty clear concept, even if it isn’t always the case.

And yet, we have plenty of demonstrations all around us. Just look at the photos we have collected below to realize that, in the end, everything is decided by the wonderful and disturbing nature of our planet. What do these images show? All situations in which there was absolutely nothing to do, and men had to adapt to the elements . Whether it’s snow, ice, heat or water, the lesson should be clear: at certain times the environment around us can be so present and hostile that we just have to respect it!

1. Maybe it wasn’t the best day to go to the stadium

It should be clear from the falling snow…

2. Better not to be in those parts!

Fascinating and impressive at the same time.

3. Basically now that house is on… an island!

Really incredible the power of the elements, right?

4. All the work of a bolt of lightning

5. Every car is the same for Mother Nature, even the most expensive

An impressive scene to say the least…

6. “It’s so hot that the garden lamps have melted…”

7. Something tells me today is a cold day

Nature, in this case, is clearly suggesting not to leave the house!

8. You come home and find this.

A real invasion of “hay bales”, in perfect western style!

9. Even the sturdiest umbrella is no match for the strongest gust of wind

Will have to continue in the rain…

10. Power of ice

11. A perspective that says it all

Look at how those trees have been reduced: impressive!

12. “Nature has decided that I no longer need my car”

13. Summer in England…

A picture that says more than a thousand words!

14. There are no bus rides today

The reason? You can see it with your own eyes in this photo.

15. Water looms

Will those windows hold up?

16. Another nice “gift” from lightning

17. Snow and Fall Leaves: The perfect match. Or not?

18. “Under that snowdrift is my car, I hope”

Have you ever felt small and helpless in the presence of natural elements like the people who took these photos?

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