17 Tattoo Ideas For People Who Have Overcome Difficult Trials

Tattoos have very important meanings for some people.

When people go through difficult times, they usually want to carry that memory of when they had a bad time to always keep it in mind. Know where they come from and where they are going.

Many choose to wear tattoos with great meaning on their skin and if you feel like doing something similar, here are 15 ideas that can help you decide what design to put on your skin

1. A dotted bow means that life is a gift and you have to appreciate it. It is usually used by people who have overcome a very strong disease.

2.This tattoo reminds you not to give up and that you can achieve it without depending on others.

3.. The phases of the moon signify the changing state in the sky. Everything is temporary.

4.. The Vegvísir, an Icelandic symbol that was used before by the Icelanders as a kind of compass that guided them in their crusades.

5. Dragons represent strength, fire and power.

6.. The flashes of the stars mean that despite the darkness, there will always be a light.

7.. Resilience means the ability of the human being to overcome difficult or traumatic situations. It is synonymous with bravery and strength

8. Koi fish Legend has it that this species was able to swim against the current and overcome the most dangerous waters in China.

9. The rune inguz: means “seeds of God” 

10. The Malín represents the ability of the human being to face any situation.

11. Trees mean strength through time.

12. The phoenix itself represents rebirth from the ashes.

13. In grammar, the semicolon is the transition from one idea to another, but without meaning the end.

14. Butterflies mean transformation and constant change that leads you to fly.

15. The bull is a representation of strength only when it is necessary. Therefore, they are considered peaceful entities.

16. The sun means to always shine with its own light

17. The Zen Circle represents the strength of the human being to overcome obstacles and the universe.

Do you have tattoos with great meaning? Leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends who are looking for a tattoo to represent their overcoming in difficult times.

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