14 Moving tattoo ideas to remember those who are no longer with us.

We all have someone we love and they are no longer in this world.

When we remember those who left, each person has their own way of doing it and there are many who decide to carry it on their skins to remember them throughout their lives.

In this list you will find ideas for the latter, who have decided to carry their memories with ink on their skin. We hope that if you suffered a loss recently it will help you lift your spirits a little:

01. Your favorite memory with them.

02. Or a detail that reminds you that he always takes care of you.

03. His favorite insect.

04. A mini family tree.

05. Or a quote he loved from his favorite author.

06. A character from your favorite book.

07. His favorite flower.

08. His favorite place to travel.

09. A characteristic and unique feature of them.

10..Remember those times that helped you fly.

11. Life goes on.

12. Carry it in every heartbeat.

13. The date when he went to heaven:

14. His favorite TV character.

Do you have other suggestions to remember those who left with a tattoo? Share them with us. The best way to honor their memory is to never forget them.

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