Zoo Keeper Enters Silverback Enclosure And Instantly Regrets It.

Having a job can make you feel at ease and less careful than necessary. This was evident in the case of a zoo keeper employed at the Fort Worth Zoo.

People near the silverback gorilla enclosure witnessed a scary incident, highlighting the importance of being cautious. Elmo, the 34-year-old gorilla, is not someone to mess with, as a zookeeper learned the hard way.

The moment the video began, the zookeeper sprinted in fear. Unaware that Elmo had escaped from his enclosure, she hurriedly tried to distance herself from him.

It’s clear that outrunning a silverback gorilla is impossible, so she tossed a bucket of apples to divert Elmo’s attention. After that, she hurried inside to seek help and figure out the next steps.

They say the tension was palpable, so intense that it could be cut with a knife, and she successfully diverted the gorilla’s focus from her for a while.

She went into the gorilla area without being sure if it was safe. It was a tough situation, but the zookeeper is being praised for handling it quickly and safely.

This video serves as a reminder of how fast unfortunate events can occur. You can watch it by clicking here.

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