Young Family Faces Homelessness Due to Eviction Notice.

Amy and Joshua, a young couple in their twenties, are in a tough spot. They have three kids and another one on the way, but they only have a week to leave their rental home. They are now on the verge of being homeless.

Amy and Joshua are facing financial difficulties because they depend on government aid, which makes it hard for them to pay their rent on time. With the threat of eviction approaching, they are scrambling to find a new place to live.

The pair asked their family for help finding a place to stay, but no one could assist. The only relative who offered help is their uncle in Somerset, which is quite far away.

Amy and Joshua are feeling extremely scared and stressed because the housing organization has warned them that if they don’t agree to an offer that doesn’t include everyone, their family members might be separated. They are feeling overwhelmed because they don’t have many choices available to them.

Joshua and his former partner Victoria Robertshaw lived together in their home for a long time. The rental contract is under Victoria’s name only. Sadly, Victoria died in August 2020 at 45 years old because of COVID-19.

The Barnsley Council, which is in charge of giving clear instructions, has made choices that have put Joshua and his family in a difficult position. Joshua is determined to keep his family together despite the council’s actions.

Amy and Joshua feel even more urgent and desperate now that a judge has ordered them to leave within a week.

A representative from Sanctuary Housing stated that they did not make the decision to issue the possession order easily. The tenant had not paid rent for a long time, resulting in a large amount of unpaid rent. Despite attempts to resolve the issue without legal action, it still remains unresolved.

The Barnsley Council is collaborating with everyone involved to find new housing for Amy, Joshua, and their children promptly. This will free up space for another family on Barnsley’s waiting list.

Jenny Platts, the counselor from Barnsley, confirmed that the housing department is assisting the couple with advice and support on other housing options. They are also working hard to find temporary accommodations quickly, possibly in nearby hotels.

Amy and Joshua are optimistic that a solution will be found to their challenges before they lose their home.

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