You Can Pedal Through The Redwood Forest On Rail Bikes In Northern California

There were many railway tracks that were placed in many areas during and after the industrial revolution. Nowadays, railways have become fixed in only certain routes. But there are still some unused and abandoned railway lines and now these railway tracks are getting a new life with railbikes.

If you want to get a different view of nature, you can engage in railway biking as it’s an amazing experience to wander in the outdoors and enjoy the surrounding in a very unique way. You may feel like you are traveling back in time, in the modern world.

There are about 50 railway tracks which are not used anymore in the USA and they are using now as riding horses, walking, snowmobiling, etc. The Skunk railway track which was used since 1885 and continued to stay active until 2019 was one of the most famous tracks in the USA. As it traveled to the scenic North Coast, it’s a great way to look into the natural world. Many people love to enjoy this ride and loved being in nature.

The Redwood forest is three hours north of San Francisco and situated alongside the Pacific coast and is a nature-lover’s dream site. You can enjoy a wonderful rail biking experience with the Skunk Train rail bikes route.

The way rail bikes work in California

Two people can accommodate the rail bikes and with the pedal, one can course through the forest. There is no traffic and if you need to take a break from the constant pedaling there are low noise motors that can start powering up.

Starting at Fort Bragg, it’s a one and a half or two hours round trip. The track starts winding into the exquisite Pudding Creek from here and then crosses over to trestle bridges and keeps going on to Mendocino County. This county is the heart of these wonderful redwoods. The trees are over 1000 years of age and reach around 300 feet in the sky.

You can meet some exotic birds like osprey or heron, and even the other residents of the forest like deer and otters as you transport while pedaling. The lucky ones can see a bear while rail biking in the berry season.

You are halfway through your destination when you reach Glen Blair Junction. You can continue with your rail bikes’ journey with the pure air entering your bloodstream or just relax and take some photos and enjoy this rail bike’s trip.

You might want to experience this rail biking again with a lot of memories.

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