Wonderful dresses that are out of this world created by a French designer.

Sylvie Facon, the French designer is well known for her intricate fairy tale-like dresses. Falcon’s works would steal any catwalk as she creates gowns that look like a work of fiction. These dresses are crafted from the spines of old books or even an actual violin. You are looking at these dresses for the first time. She has designed a famous dress to represent a historic town in France named Arras. Hommage à Arras (“Homage to Arras”) which is a gorgeous gown encrusted with lace and pearls is representing the beauty of French history and fashion.

Falcon aspires to design gowns that are very feminine, refined, and meticulous which was inspired by nature, fairytales, and women’s figures.

Dress made from book spines




Painted ‘old town’ dress, encrusted with lace


Violin dress


Floral garden dresses









The Knight dress, interpretation of an illustration by Didier Graffet





All image credit – Sylvie Facon / sources used – demilked.com

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