Woman With Dwarfism Braves The Beach To Show Off Her Baby Bump.

Married couples worldwide embark on the journey of parenthood together. It is a decision they make at the beginning, but occasionally, they may ponder the reason behind it.

Charli Worgan, a resident of Sydney, has been questioned about her desire to have children. She and her husband, Cullen, both reside in Sydney and have different types of dwarfism. Unfortunately, they frequently face criticism due to their choice to start a family.

After having her first child, Charli created a social media account to share insights into their family life. With two daughters now, they have gained 300,000 followers on the platform.

Charli announced on social media that she was expecting her third child and was already 14 weeks pregnant. While some were excited for her, others still had their doubts.

Every time she became pregnant, she needed to undergo genetic testing to ensure everything was fine. Since they both had genetic issues, they wanted to confirm that their child wouldn’t inherit dwarfism or both types of dwarfism. Experts warned that it would be a serious problem.

The mother explained that while many people celebrate their pregnancy at 12 weeks, she had to undergo Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) instead. This procedure involves a large needle being inserted through her abdomen to collect a placenta sample. However, there is a 2% risk of miscarriage associated with this test. The purpose of the test is to examine the genetic composition of her baby.

Her two-year-old and four-year-old daughters both have one of two types of dwarfism. When she became pregnant with her third child, they wanted to determine which of the four possibilities the baby could have.

She described it like this:

  1. Our child would be of average height.
  2. Our child would have the same type of Dwarfism as me, Achondroplasia.
  3. Our child would have the same type of Dwarfism as Cullen, Geleophysic Dysplasia.
  4. Our child would have both genetic variations, known as “double dominant dwarfism”, which would be fatal at birth according to medical experts. I would have the option to continue the pregnancy or terminate it.

She mentioned that despite facing criticism for sharing their life publicly, she believes that having babies against all odds and sharing that part of their journey with others is all about showing kindness.

This couple currently has three lovely kids who are thriving, and they continue to share updates on social media. We wish them many years of joy and togetherness.

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