Woman who ‘married’ ragdoll now has children with him – says life with kids is complicated.

Love can be discovered in various ways, and it’s not always a simple journey. This lady, however, found an unconventional path to love. Now, she has an astonishing update that will leave people amazed.

Continue reading to discover more about this fascinating tale.

37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes, originally from Brazil, gained global attention due to her unique wedding. What made her marriage capture international interest? It was her choice of partner! She tied the knot with Marcelo, a life-sized ragdoll, creating a worldwide sensation.

The couple now has three kids. They have a 1-year-old son named Marcelinho and newborn twin daughters named Marcela and Emilia.

Meirivone says her family life is just as complex as any other mother and wife’s. She keeps her followers informed about her life on TikTok. She explains how she and her partner divide parenting responsibilities equally. Marcelo, on the other hand, is the one concerned about the family’s finances.

She also talks about the challenges she has faced while raising children. She said, “It’s not easy but at the same time, I get emotional every moment, every second. In everyday life, Marcelo and I have a lot of tasks with the new babies, as well as looking after our first child. And even when I’m tired, he helps me bathe, eat and sleep.”

Marcelo finds all of this very stressful, but she believes that everything they have is worth it. “Despite his concerns, he always dreamed of having a family and children, so this is all he ever wished for,” Meirivone shared.

The couple is now focused on owning a home of their own.“My dream now is to own my own house,” she added. “Since our wedding in 2018, I’ve been scouring the internet every day. I won’t give up,”The resolute mother of three clarified..

Despite their special bond, the couple faces challenges. Meirivone discovered Marcelo’s infidelity in June 2023, which was not the first time. As a consequence, she made him sleep on the couch and took away his genitalia as a form of punishment.

In February 2023, their son Marcelinho was abducted and a $200 ransom was requested. He has now been returned to his family and was there for the gender reveal with his siblings.

Every family is special in its own way. This particular family faces unique challenges but always finds a way to overcome them. Spread the word so others can discover the fascinating story of this exceptional family.

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