Woman waves to bear from her car – look at his unexpected response 1 second later.

Version 1: A 280-pound bear can indeed have personality, as proven by a popular furry friend circulating on the internet.

The bear resides at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, alongside many other animals in spacious enclosures. His origin story is a mystery, possibly saved from a zoo and unable to return to the wild. Nonetheless, he enjoys freedom at the farm. Visitors come to witness these magnificent creatures.

Just like the lady in the tale. Upon spotting the bear, she chose to wave. His reaction? Truly fantastic.

Tourists visit the farm to discover more about wildlife and observe animals they might not see in the wild.

A visitor sat in her car and waved at a bear. Surprisingly, the bear waved back at her.

Check out the enchanting meeting in the video provided below.

I can watch this video clip repeatedly, even though it’s very short!

Do you agree that bears are incredible animals? Let us know!

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