Woman Takes Photos Of Ants In Her Garden Using A Smartphone And They’re Award-Winning.

One of the strangest creatures on our planet is ants. They have the ability to carry up to 50 times their own weight. Ants are everywhere in the world, except Antarctica. They live in large colonies or smaller groups and are highly social.

These little animals are busy forever and on the move. We ignore them as they scurry around us most of the time. If the ants are observed from closer, they are spectacular and it can be proved by the photographs by Analiza Daran De Guzman from the Philippines.

She has spent hours photographing the ants walking along with a piece of string in her garden, and carrying drops of water using her smartphone.

The result was amazing.

The ants are like walking a tightrope, carrying spheres of different sizes for balance.

She has taken the photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and she had no special equipment. One of her photographs was chosen as a winner in the #Water2020 contest run by photo app ‘Agora’ this April.

On Feb. 28, the photo-sharing site launched the contest, and thousands of photographers, amateur and professional, took part in it. They have sent their spectacular photos of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.

Agora’s CEO & Co-Founder declared, Octavi Royo

“Water molecules are a blend of millions of years of history and have passed through many oceans, continents, and beings of all kinds. It has evolved from liquid to solid states countless times over the course of time.

Today, we discover the best pictures of #Water at a specific time in history. A moment to make the finalist photographers’ point of view eternal and, through Agora, share them with the world to become part of the collective memory and treasures of Humanity. Power to #Water2020!”

“Thirsty ants” were Analiza’s photo, and taken under her garden’s mango tree. They garnered the most votes during the five voting rounds.

Analiza used her phone and a clip-on microlens, as her professional camera needed repair.

The mother of three explained:

“Insects move fast, ants particularly. It is tricky to take pictures with a mere mobile. Ants stop moving fast when they start to drink water… so I gave them water.”

Here are her photos:



An ant is carrying a water drop along a piece of string.


Analiza spent four hours to take this photo, with a globe placed in the background, which is refracted through the droplets.



A black-and-white checkered pattern refracted through the droplets across the piece of string.





This is what Analiza used for the photo shoot. 




They are true works of art.

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