Woman Saw A Newborn Seagull, She Takes Care Of It, Takes Care Of It And Even Teaches It To Fly

It is common today to read on social networks stories about rescuing animals that are in street situations, or similar. Andrea Sepúlveda was one of those hundreds of people who rescue animals . But she was in charge of a rather peculiar species, a seagull that was in trouble .

Andrea Sepúlveda was leaving her job, a day like any other. When she went down to her parking lot to get into her car, she noticed that there was a small bird fluttering around, unable to take flight. The young woman thought that she was lost, so she decided to take her and take her to the street so that the little animal could orient herself again . In Concepción, in Chile, where Andrea lives, it is very common for newborn seagulls to take their first flight in the summer. To start living a life of independence from her, read from the maternal nest. It is for the same reason that the woman was not surprised when she found the bird in the parking lot and thought that she only had a little difficulty flying .

But I was wrong. When the woman brought the seagull to the surface and she saw that it still couldn’t rise, she decided that she had to save it. Andrea wrapped the animal in cloths and took it to her apartment . At first the young woman doubted the fact that she has a cat, but she trusted that Huachimingo, her pet, would not harm a defenseless bird . « My idea was to take her to the surface so that she could leave, but it was evident that she still could not fly. I knew that wandering down the street she would not survive, so I put her in my car and brought her to my apartment in San Pedro de la Paz ,” said Andrea Sepúlveda.

Andrea spent the next few weeks of her life teaching the seagull to fly. During that time, the two formed a bond of affection and the woman even baptized her as Margot . Incredibly, even the young woman’s cat participated in the rehabilitation of the bird . At first, teaching her to fly was difficult since Andrea’s temporarily adopted seagull was clumsy, according to what she herself said. ” He had 25 different ways of falling and none of them were graceful ,” said the young woman. Margot talked on the terrace of Andrea’s apartment for weeks. When the woman returned from work, there was the bird waiting for her and looking at her through the window .

He moved his wings expressing his happiness. Until one day the miracle happened. Andrea positioned Margot at the edge of the balcony . The seagull began to flap its wings with all its energy and flew away . Andrea followed her with her eyes until Margot was lost on the horizon. Even though she was her target, she couldn’t help but feel sadness for her friend’s departure from her.

Below you can see the video where this small seagull is seen trying to fly:

Share this video with your friends and family. So that they see that helping animals is always good, since you give them one more chance in life.

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