Woman has dramatic makeover, shocks husband who doesn’t recognize her.

At some point in life, we notice we’ve had the same hairstyle and clothes for too long. Suddenly, we feel the need for a change. Whether it’s a new hair color or getting rid of old skirts, we must break free from the monotony of our daily routine.

Mary Johnson, a North Dakota state representative, has made the decision to step away from her duties and pay a visit to one of the top stylists in the area, Christopher Hopkins, also known as the Makeover Guy.

Over time, Christopher assisted numerous individuals in achieving the transformation they had desired for.

Mary Johnson was unsure of what to expect when she allowed him to work his magic, but the final outcome left her without words. To make matters worse, her husband of several years didn’t even recognize her.

Mary didn’t have a particular goal in mind. She just wanted to…“No purple no blue, no none of that…”

While cutting Mary’s hair, Christopher made her look younger. By adding some red and blending her gray hair with blonde highlights, he emphasized her beautiful eyes.

After the makeover, a different client of Christopher’s came into the salon and passed by. He remarked that Mary appeared fantastic for her age, around 42. Mary, feeling delighted, replied that 42 was actually “20 years ago.”

David almost didn’t recognize his wife when it was time for him to see her. As she came closer, his mouth fell open and he exclaimed, “WOW!” Later, he admitted that he initially mistook her for someone else.

“I wouldn’t have recognized you,” He mentioned that he couldn’t stop looking at her.

Mary was incredibly happy with her new appearance. “I feel amazing,” she exclaimed. “I couldn’t be happier, it surpassed all my expectations. You didn’t have much to work with, but wow, you did an excellent job!”

She transformed from a girl from Fargo, North Dakota to THAT GIRL.

To see Mary’s amazing change, watch the video linked below.

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