German Startup Designs “Windshield” That Protects Cyclists From The Rain.

The bicycle is one of the most popular forms of transportation: it is cheap, durable, and makes it easy to cover short to medium distances. However, like other means of transport, the bicycle has its drawbacks: pedaling on certain stretches of road can be tiring, and moving around in adverse weather conditions can become impossible. This is why a German start-up, called Rainrider, has designed a kind of windshield for bicycles that act as a shield in the event of rain .


image credit: RainRider/Youtube

This flexible and transparent protection helps cyclists stay protected and dry in the event of rain or inclement weather conditions. It is light – only 1.5 kg – and can be assembled and disassembled quickly. It is attached to the handlebars and the stem and protects especially at the front and on the sides. In addition, it is adjustable and foldable, which makes it easy to carry in the backpack or bag. In the event of sudden rain, you can stop in a sheltered spot and ride it, which allows you to reach your destination without getting wet – or at least as little as possible. The main goal of the startup is to limit gas emissions even on days when it may seem inevitable to travel by car.


image credit: RainRider/Youtube

Pedaling the bike with this protection is no problem: it is designed with an aerodynamic shape that maintains low air resistance. In addition, the solar panels are transparent and resistant to UV rays, which makes them a pleasant and useful structure both in the event of rain and on a particularly hot and sunny day. It is adjustable in height, which makes it suitable for all sizes.


image credit: RainRider/Youtube

The team has thought of everything: there is also an adjustable ventilation system that prevents fogging on the glass and there is also a lighting system that allows you to increase visibility, and to drive in peace. and safety, even at night. When you arrive at your destination, or when the protection is no longer needed, you remove it and fold it up to store it in a bag. This seemingly simple item is on sale for € 129.95. Could it be helpful in encouraging people to put their cars aside?

source used: rainrider

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