20 Absurd Photos Of People Who Have Never Attended A Workplace Safety Course

Safety comes first – everywhere, but especially at work! In the workplace, the well-being and health of employees should always be guaranteed , regardless of their profession. Some jobs, especially manual ones, tend to be more “dangerous” than others; normally, however, every profession hides its health risks and even the most sedentary jobs cause damage to our bodies. Depending on the job performed, every employee should take a workplace safety course or, at least, should know the basics.

In these photos, you will see a series of people who have totally ignored any type of precaution and who seem not to have worried too much about their own safety.

1. We don’t know if the 2 men are still alive, but the sofa certainly remained intact

2. What exactly is he trying to do: clean the window, clean the upstairs window, or just enjoy the view?

3. He’s not tied anywhere?!

4. This image proves that not only window cleaners, but also painters know no fear

5. Why use the shovel, when you can use your legs…

6. Vaguely dangerous..

7. Let’s hope that when they pick it up they don’t just find themselves with the t-shirt in their hand

8. In Russia you blindly trust your colleagues

9. Safety glasses are essential!

10. Here is another very adequate protection…

11. At least he was wearing safety glasses…

12. He is putting up a banner that reads: “Think about safety first!”

13. This man is the human and professional extension of the scale

14. A creative gardener

15. How is he still alive?

16. You can’t say he didn’t clean properly

17. The precariousness of this man is shocking

18. For each floor they add a forklift

19. This can’t be true…

20. He doesn’t even have headphones like his colleague

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