What does your sleeping position say about you?

Every woman’s preferred sleeping position is unique, and whether you choose to rest on your back, stomach, or side, it can provide intriguing insights into your personality.

Considering that we dedicate approximately one-third of our lives to slumber, it’s no surprise that our chosen sleeping position can be a reflection of our inner selves. After all, how we sleep reveals what makes us feel most at ease and relaxed.

But have you ever wondered how sleeping with an open window might impact the risk of contracting the Coronavirus?

These seemingly everyday postures that we adopt as we drift into dreamland can say a lot about our character. So, let’s explore what your go-to sleeping position could be communicating about you, as discovered by the online mattress retailer, Bed SOS, in collaboration with psychotherapist Nick Davies.

01 Sleeping on Your Side with Arms Under the Pillow:
Opting for this position, with your arms tucked under your pillow, is a popular way to start your journey into dreamland. According to Mr. Davies, this indicates that you’re a composed and balanced individual. “People who favor this sleep style tend to lead well-rounded lives,” he noted. “They often possess quieter, sociable, and fun-loving personalities.”

02 Fetal Position:
The fetal position closely mirrors how a fetus remains curled up in the womb, sleeping on its side with legs drawn towards the chest. It’s a natural and comforting way to sleep. However, those who sleep in the fetal position may be dealing with feelings of loneliness, as Davies pointed out. People who favor this pose often have introverted personalities and may lean towards being reserved or shy.

03 Lying on Your Side with Arms Outstretched:
If you’re found resting on your side with your arms stretched out, it’s a sign that you’re yearning to achieve something or striving towards a specific goal, according to Davies. “You’re subconsciously waiting for something,” he added. “You might have unresolved ambitions and dreams, or it could symbolize a longing for a life partner.” Such individuals might tend to be emotionally attached and, at times, exhibit signs of codependency in relationships.

04 Hugging Your Partner:
If you’re sharing your bed with your partner and choose to cuddle while sleeping, it’s a sign of intimacy and affection. Younger individuals are more inclined to embrace this sleeping position, while older adults are less likely to adopt it. In this case, Davies noted that this sleeping position signifies a desire to offer comfort, protection, and care to your partner.

05 Lying on Your Back with Arms at Your Sides:
Sleeping on your back with arms at your sides isn’t uncommon, but it’s more frequently favored by men. Men tend to choose this position over women. This inclination might be linked to the tendency of men to snore more often. “These sleepers tend to be open and direct communicators, sometimes even perceived as straightforward or blunt,” Davies mentioned.

06 Sleeping in the Starfish Position:
In the starfish position, a person reclines on their back with their arms encircling the pillow. However, this posture may reveal narcissistic tendencies and a lack of empathy for others’ feelings. According to Davies, individuals who favor the starfish position could exhibit self-centered traits, possibly lacking the sensitivity to understand others’ emotions and experiences.

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