Weeping elephants mourn a lost baby in a funeral march like humans

Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Foreign Service forest ranger, shared a video on Friday showing Indian elephants conducting a funeral ceremony for a baby elephant in a manner similar to humans.

Kawan’s video became extremely popular as surprised social media users rushed to show their astonishment and support for the elephants.

On Twitter, a video was shared where an elephant comes out of the bushes carrying a deceased baby elephant with its trunk.

The grown-up elephant lay down and protected its body while waiting for other elephants to come. Walking in a row, more elephants arrived and encircled the baby elephant.

The initial elephant raised the baby again, with other elephants trailing behind.

The tweet received over 5,000 re-tweets and more than 12,000 likes on Twitter.

Elephants have been seen mourning their deceased, similar to how people do.

Did you find this display moving? Share your thoughts on how this video impacts you in the comments!

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