Wearing A Miniskirt And Tight Clothes, This 60-year-old Grandmother Who Dances On Social Media Is The Envy Of Many.

In contemporary times, social media has increasingly assumed an important role. They have become the fulcrum of society because they have made sure that a real virtual reality is created to connect people who are distant from each other. Social media is mainly based on videos and images. Anyone can, through photos or clips, tell about themselves and their lives, almost completely eliminating the concept of privacy. It’s like living on a stage, constantly showing yourself to others.

There are some people who have transformed social media into their work and share images of themselves on a daily basis. However, all this visibility has exposed them to criticism. The grandmother protagonist of the story knows well that she loves to publish videos in which she dances and wears miniskirts. Precisely for this reason, she has suffered reproaches of blame, but she doesn’t care anything about what others think. Let’s see in detail what happened.

Dolores Lopez Martinez is a 60-year-old woman who however feels much younger than her age. In fact, she wants to demonstrate that age is nothing more than a number, and what counts is the spirit. Often, she posts videos on her social networks in which she dances and wears very short skirts. In the clips that she shares what immediately emerges is her energy and vitality, she seems to be much younger than what is written on her identity card.

According to her, clothes are nothing more than an external manifestation of one’s character, for this reason, no one should criticize how others dress, because everyone is free to wear the clothes they want best, whether they are skimpy or too flashy. There is no age where you can no longer wear certain clothes.

Many love his spirit, precisely because he exudes vitality from every pore. Her dances bring joy, in fact many users shower her with compliments. ” I wish I had a grandmother like you “, ” you look much younger, you have a lot of energy ” or, again, “Everyone should know how to have fun like you, if you like something it’s right to do it without others judging you “.

Alongside her supporters, however, there are also detractors who believe that a woman of her age shouldn’t behave like this: “You’re sixty, you shouldn’t wear such short skirts ” or “That’s not the way to behave “.

Although many criticize her, she doesn’t care: “If they talk about me I don’t care, let them say what they want. I continue to have fun .”

What do you think?

via lolilm/Instagram

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