Watch The Moment Ed Sheeran Surprises Young Singer By Joining In Her Cover Of “Thinking Out Loud”

A Surprise Performance: Young Singer’s Unexpected Duet with Ed Sheeran

A Memorable Moment in a Canadian Mall
Meeting a famous person or someone you look up to can be really exciting and scary. In a Canadian mall, this happened to a young singer named Sydney Bourbeau while she was performing. She got the surprise of her life when Ed Sheeran, the British music star, suddenly joined her on stage.

A Touching Charity Concert
Sydney, who is 13 years old, was singing at a charity event for the Edmonton Humane Society, performing Sheeran’s popular song “Thinking Of You” for a supportive audience. When Sheeran showed up, Sydney stayed calm and kept on singing, with Sheeran singing along with her.

Confidence in the Spotlight
While many people might feel overwhelmed being around a famous person, Sydney didn’t let it faze her and confidently shared the stage with Sheeran. She sang really well with the star, showing a lot of confidence. Sheeran even stepped back to let Sydney finish the song by herself, putting the focus back on her.

Watch this amazing and unforgettable duet between Sydney Bourbeau and Ed Sheeran in the video below, showing off young talent and the magic of unexpected moments.

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