Vegan Sends Final Warning To Their Meat Eating Neighbor.

Many individuals have strong opinions about the food they consume. They eagerly discuss it whenever possible and sometimes even engage in arguments over it.

Some individuals choose to exclude meat and animal products from their diet, which is commonly referred to as vegetarianism or veganism. Regardless of the terminology used, this lifestyle is embraced by many people.

In this story, there are vegans who peacefully live their lives and eat as they please. However, some vegans become upset when others don’t adhere to their guidelines.

The vegan neighbor gave their neighbor a final warning due to his frequent barbecuing. They couldn’t tolerate the meat smell, and the situation escalated into an unpleasant conflict.

Kylie, the neighbor, sent the letter and it was marked as anonymous “important message.”

The letter read “Hello neighbor, could you please shut your side window when cooking, please. My family are vegan and the smell of the meat you cooked makes us feel sick and upset. “We would appreciate your understanding, thanks.”

Kylie posted the letter on social media and soon it reached a popular Facebook group in Perth, Australia. She hoped to gain support, but it seems that not everyone was pleased with her message.

It became even more bizarre when the neighbor sent another letter as a follow-up, and the situation just kept getting worse.

She kept going. “I raised my concerns of the smell of meat making my family sick and upset and you go and have a BBQ on Saturday night, inviting lots of people and you knew this would affect me and my family.”

“My friend Tina told me you took my letter to social media and it backfired on you which is ‘just desserts’.”

She concluded the letter with her final words. “Please no more BBQs and please keep that window closed when cooking otherwise I’m going to report you and go to social media too.”

Once the follow-up was posted, there was an increase in replies. Some were unhappy about the vegan family teaching their children not to respect others’ differences and claiming they had the right to cook.

The debate will go on, but it’s definitely fascinating to observe.

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