“Trash” Weddings, 15 wedding photos so absurd they are unforgettable.

What does have good taste mean? There is probably no single and simple answer to this question, and it is certainly a question closely linked to the sensitivity of each of us.

There are, however, limits which, if exceeded, objectively make one think that one is faced with something truly excessive. Think for example of wedding parties, or the ceremonies themselves. It seems that, on these occasions, many couples indulge themselves in finding the most flashy and eccentric way to be remembered. And it doesn’t matter if everything inevitably becomes “trash”: they like it that way! Ready to discover 15 examples of weddings so absurd that they leave us speechless?

1. Getting married in the mall? What do you think of this idea?


At least they chose the garden area, with chairs, gazebos and plants…

2. Maybe this wasn’t exactly how the bride expected to be taken to her room on the evening of the wedding…


3. Cake… with beer?!


What do you think of this choice? Maybe a little trashy?

4. A nice chicken toss to celebrate the big day!


One thing is certain: it’s not every day you see a scene like this during a wedding!

5. What strange custom is this?


It’s not clear what they’re doing, but they certainly seem to be having a lot of fun…

6. Happy newlyweds? Among the pigeons!


Souvenir photos and scenes in perfect “trash wedding” style

7. What to add? The photo speaks for itself.


8. Even in this case, wasn’t it better to opt for something more classic?


9. If this isn’t a trashy wedding…


Right next to the garbage dumpster! Why?

10. Admittedly, it’s not exactly a tasteful shot


Tastes are tastes, but perhaps for a souvenir photo of the wedding it would have been better to avoid…

11. Wedding in Las Vegas, with strange characters sitting among the guests


Practically the trash party!

12. What’s more romantic than a wedding inside the supermarket?


There are probably many other things, but they are happy like this!

13. The classic day to remember.


Clothes and accessories impossible to forget!

14. A little tacky, a little unsettling…


This wedding certainly left its mark!

15. Make way for pink! What do you think? Tacky or original?


Have you ever attended or been invited to weddings like these? Tastes are tastes, but sometimes we have to admit that the choices of the spouses are really difficult to understand. Tell us your experiences!

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