Tim Conway’s Hilarious Improv on “The Carol Burnett Show”.

If you tune in to “The Carol Burnett Show,” you’ll see how it always brings laughter and joy to people. In this specific clip, Tim Conway’s quick thinking and improvisation had his fellow actors bursting with laughter.

During a game of “Password,” Mickey Hart shared a funny story about a circus elephant. Dick Van Dyke, Vicki Lawrence, and Carol Burnett couldn’t stop laughing.

Conway surprised everyone by mentioning that the elephant and its trainer were romantically involved. He even joked about them being buried together. The other performers couldn’t control their emotions and were shaking, trying to compose themselves.

The laughter was so infectious, spreading from the cast to the audience. It’s moments like these that show how beloved “The Carol Burnett Show” truly is.

Watch Tim Conway’s comedic talent in action by viewing the video below.

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