This Woman Spent Thousands of Dollars to Look “Demonic”

There are people who like tattoos and piercings, because they perceive them as elements that beautify the body, but above all, for some, because they are loaded with meaning. Some people decide to print patterns on their bodies to make art. Despite the fact that tattoos have a centuries-old tradition, they are still highly contested, as some believe that they only disfigure an individual’s face and body. Besides this view, piercings are also contested, especially by older generations.

In fact, the young woman at the center of this story has been harshly criticized for spending thousands of dollars to achieve what is described as a “demonic” look.

via The Mirror


Kierstyn Milligan is a 24-year-old young woman who regularly posts on her social profiles under the pseudonym orylan1999. From a young age, despite many people pointing out her beauty, she never liked herself and strove to change her appearance. That’s why she decided to resort to tattoos, piercings, and even surgery to completely change her appearance. The modifications made to his body cost him $42,000 (around 38,000 euros). She is now a different person, unrecognizable, but she always wanted to look like this, and she has now achieved her dream.

“I always knew – Kierstyn explains – that I wanted to look like this, I had this vision in my head from a very young age and I finally made it come true. Before, I didn’t love myself and I didn’t even understand not who I was. Today, I feel like I understand myself better and appreciate my appearance, despite the criticism. When some people see my eyes, they stare at me and say nothing, others stare at me crooked, and others laugh in my face and tell me they hate the way I look.”

As soon as Internet users saw the young girl’s look, they decided to intervene by commenting, but above all by pointing out that with this new look, she took on a demonic appearance: “You look like a demon”, “you “I was so much more beautiful before” or “I don’t understand the reason for this transformation…”

And you, what do you think of this radical transformation?


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