This Woman Is A “Professional Girlfriend”, She Has 3000 Boyfriends And A Staggering Salary.

Social media has become the hub of society. They have created a non-place, a virtual space that allows numerous and varied people to get in touch with each other, even if they don’t know each other. There have been individuals who have taken advantage of this new reality to earn money through social media. Platforms have been created that allow you to share your photos and have users purchase them, the most famous of which is Onlyfans.

This girl is a model who has decided to pursue a career as a ” professional girlfriend “, in this way she manages to earn staggering sums. In just a few years she has saved so much money that she could retire. Let’s see what happened .


Jenna Madison is a 30-year-old girl, known by the pseudonym didshereallyomgg, who has become famous on social media, but above all for the choice she made. In fact, ever since she was 19 she has had money problems.  Her house had been foreclosed on and her mother had been fired. She initially thought of becoming a stripper, but she couldn’t earn enough, and then luck started to turn on her side. She understood that by starting to use social media and her body she could earn money. In just 10 years she has become a billionaire, and now she works as a ” professional girlfriend “, she gets paid to go out with men. She has scraped together a nest egg that can, almost, allow her to go toearly retirement.

Jenna has reached a gigantic amount of men between 2500 and 3000 engaged and would earn around €1200 a day. The money problems she had at a young age are now behind her, as she is selling her services via platforms. Now, thanks to her new job, she is a millionaire and also provides financial support to her family .


” I talk to my boyfriends like I’m a normal girl, which is what I am. They can vent about work, friends, or family, or they’re looking for a more intimate conversation to relieve stress. I’m always there for them when they need me It’s not a one-way relationship, when I spend time with them I feel good too .”

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