This Was The Risky Rescue Of A Kitten On The Los Angeles Highway

Eldad Hagar became one of the most famous dog rescuers in the United States. Both belong to the Hope For Paws organization. His rescues are characterized by being risky, incredible and challenging. This was the case with the rescue of a kitten in the middle of the Los Angeles freeway. Do not miss all the details of the story.

Eldad and Loreta carried out the incredible rescue of a kitten

On a day like all those of Eldad and Loreta , they were on the street rescuing animals. In fact, they had just finished successfully rescuing a dog named Josephine and puppies from her. However, that day became one of the best for these dedicated rescuers.

When they were near Los Angeles they received a message about a kitten in trouble. The animal was trapped right in the express lane of the highway. But on the opposite side to where they were. So it took them about 45 minutes to get to that side of the highway.

That was not all, in order to rescue the kitten they had to park the vehicle illegally . Only then would they get as close to the kitten as possible. So it was a breach of law for the best of reasons. The next step was also quite risky for both of them.

They had to cross the highway risking being hit by a vehicle. Since, they usually walk very fast because it is a highway. Even more so in the fast channel where the kitten was. However, they took a risk and trusted the kindness of the drivers who allowed them to cross.

Eldad stood in front of the cat to entertain it. On the other hand, Loreta acted firmly and held the kitten without thinking twice. The poor thing was terrified curled up on the ground.

Napoleon is a happy and grateful cat

Fortunately, Eldad and Loreta’s plan worked perfectly. They ran back to the car and brought the kitten back to the shelter. There they gave him food, since the poor man was hungry and very thin . They also examined him to see his state of health.

He was quite weak and had an infection in both eyes . It’s hard to understand how such a weak kitten ended up on the freeway expressway. Surely someone left it there. Fortunately, they rescued him and gave him the necessary care .

This incredible kitty rescue is just one of many that these people perform. Share the story to publicize their work. You can also learn more about them on their official website.

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