This Olympic Airways plane was converted into a beautiful home – see what’s inside

Have you ever thought about what happens to airplanes once they are no longer in use? Typically, they are sold for the value of their scrap metal and dismantled.

However, this is the tale of an airplane that was rescued from that destiny and was given a fresh start instead! Continue reading to find out more..

A Greek airline Olympic Airways plane has been parked in an Oregon forest since 2012. Bruce Campbell, a retired engineer, bought the plane in 2009 to save it from being scrapped.

He invested a large sum of money to buy the plane and move it to his ten-acre forest property for a luxurious makeover.

“My goal is to change humanity’s behavior in this little niche,” Campbell talked about what he did.

The former engineer sees life in a unique way. He chooses to sleep on a sofa, not expanding it fully unless he has guests over. He hoards canned food for a two-month supply and showers in a homemade PVC cylinder.

He didn’t understand the importance of the plane when he bought it. The plane was used to carry Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s second husband, Aristotle Onassis, to his burial in March 1975.

Campbell discovered that the registration number of his 727 airplanes matched the images he found online. The plane he was currently living in was the exact one that carried Onassis’ remains to Greece after his death in France.

Olympic Airlines, previously named Olympic Airways, was Greece’s main airline.

In July 1956, Onassis purchased the Greek state airline (known as T.A.E. at the time) and changed its name to “Olympic Airways.” He aimed to make it a top-notch airline that would impress everyone with its modernity.

On September 29, 2009, the company stopped all activities. As a result of privatization, “Olympic Air” was established.

One might assume that the airplanes retired from this airline would be dismantled for scrap metal or abandoned to decay. However, surprisingly, one of these planes, which once transported famous individuals, still remains and now serves as a residence for a retired engineer with a unique dream.

The aircraft’s interior includes two working toilets, a makeshift shower area, a living space, a workspace, and other amenities. Additionally, he has equipped the aircraft with a laundry machine and a small kitchen for meal preparation.

A retired engineer transformed something meant to be destroyed into a lovely home. Such dedication! Share this with loved ones to appreciate the amazing conversion.

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