This Model Thinks Guys Are Too Shy To Tell Her They’re Attracted To Her.

Appearance has become the fulcrum of contemporaneity, everyone tries to appear perfect, to show themselves free from defects. Social networks have played a fundamental role in society, because they have taken exteriority to extremes , raising some characters to models that must be imitated , in the way they dress, behave, but also appear. The beauty of the world, however, lies precisely in its variety. For this reason, some people understand their diversity and instead of hiding it, they flaunt it .

The model protagonist of the story, which we are about to tell, is aware that she does not fit into the normal stereotypes of beauty, but despite this she does not hide her body and is aware of pleasure. In fact, she claims that guys are too shy to admit they’re attracted to her . Let’s see better what happened.

Olivia Jaide is a 31-year-old former psychology student who, however, has chosen to pursue a career as a curvy model. Her goal is to pack on even more pounds because she is a firm believer that men are attracted to physically larger women. The girl has a very high number of fans who love to see her eat large quantities of food . She believes all of this following is because overweight women are very attractive . Although many men don’t like to admit it.

” I have met – explained the girl – people in the course of my appointments who want to hide their attraction to robust women. Although with time, I have seen that this trend has diminished . I have grown up and I have become much more confident. It is clear that I expect to be shown and included in the social dynamics of a partner. It is not fair that those who reflect a certain canon are shown without shame. There are more people who like physically big girls, but they have been taught not to show it. I thought there was something wrong with me, but the truth is that it is society that creates stereotypes, marginalizing those who do not fit into these canons . It’s very common for a man to date a woman who is of a more acceptable weight by social standards, but ultimately prefers a plus-size woman .”

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