This Is The Rare And Dangerous Island That Appeared In The Bermuda Triangle.

Shelley Island  (island of shells), is the new tourist attraction on the east coast of the United States and depending on the weather or the tides, it can measure up to 16 km, although it is normally approximately one and a half kilometers long .

This piece of land is in the shape of a semicircle and is located south of a popular tourist spot, Cape Point of  Cape Hatteras Coastal National Park, in North Carolina.

¨Isla de las conchas¨, named after the immense amount of colored shells found on its surface.

It was in April that the locals discovered it and described it as a sand hill that protruded from the water, however, after various images of it were made public, it became famous, although experts say that just as it appeared, it could also disappear completely.

Chad Koczera is the tourist who began to spread photographs of this island and thus boosted the curiosity of many visitors who ended up making the place famous.

The authorities have warned about the  dangers that lie in wait for this island  , arguing that the currents are too strong and changeable and the sea very unstable. The question of whether Shelley will grow up remains in the air, it is not yet known if she will join Cape Hatteras or in a short time there will be no trace of her.

The coast guard fears for the safety of tourists as they argue that this island is not a good area to enjoy the water, in addition,  sharks and manta rays of immense size have been seen in its waters.  Although sometimes the tide is apparently calm, it is not advisable to trust and enter this island because unexpectedly the current could drag quickly.

And since it is not certain whether it will remain or disappear, tourists who have already had the fortune to visit this island recommend visiting it as they have classified it as an excellent tourist attraction.

So now you know, if you visit it, take your precautions and take many photographs so that one day it disappears.

What do you think of this situation?

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