This Is How The Model From Iran Considered The “Most Beautiful Woman In The World” Looks Like.

The world is full of very beautiful women, that is indisputable, but Internet users from all over the world have proclaimed an Iranian model as “the most beautiful woman in the world” .

Many have even compared her to the former Miss World Rai Bachchan , a woman not only intelligent but also very beautiful who hails from India.

The name of this girl who has conquered millions of hearts is Mahlagha Jaberi , her beautiful and mesmerizing sea green eyes have made her have almost 3 million followers on Instagram, in addition to her beautiful and angelic face and her statuesque body, without a doubt a unmatched beauty.

But she is not only very beautiful but also very intelligent , the young woman has a diploma in physics and mathematics, and has completed higher education to work in companies.

She really enjoys doing yoga and horseback riding , she considers herself a disciplined, passionate woman who knows what she wants.

Mahlagha was born on June 17, 1989 in Iran, currently living in San Diego, California, United States. She is dedicated to modeling and has been on the cover of many famous magazines, including ¨Mode Lifestyle¨ .

The young woman is characterized by being a studious, prepared and enterprising woman, a whole case of cuteness, don’t you think?

Her fame is not only a product of her beauty and with this, any thought that behind a pretty face there can be no intelligence is overturned. 

Her charisma, good humor and kindness have led her to win the hearts of thousands and thousands of followers.

If there is perfection, it has a name and it is Mahlagha Jaberi, do you agree?

We sincerely hope that this beautiful woman has much success in her projects, she is undoubtedly a great example that beauty should not be at odds with intelligence.

Do you think her beauty deserves the title that netizens have given her?

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