This huge turtle-shaped yacht is a real floating city full of surprises.

There are projects that, even at a simple initial stage, manage to leave us speechless due to the particularity and majesty they bring with them. Think of a yacht : anyone hearing this word would immediately think of concepts such as luxury, expensive vacations, elite environments and advanced technology. All true, of course, but there are also those who have given this term a new meaning, we could say “increased” to the nth degree , designing a boat which, more than a yacht, is a veritable floating city.

We are talking about the “creature” born from the Lazzarini Design Studio , an Italian company that has developed the projects for a huge boat to say the least, which has a very evident peculiarity: it is shaped like a turtle . Ready to find out more closely?

It’s called Pangeos , and the name derives from the supercontinent which is believed to have included all the emerged lands of the planet in very ancient times. Just look at this ship to immediately understand that we are not dealing with something ordinary and already seen: it is in fact a gigantic and futuristic turtle on the water!

According to the Lazzarini Design Studio website, Pangeos is ” a floating and itinerant city “, which will include several hotels, shopping centres, parks and services, all designed to accommodate as many as 60,000 people on board!

These are staggering figures, to say the least, which are accompanied by the cost of the mammoth turtle-yacht: 8 million dollars. If built, this would be the largest structure ever built in the world, and is therefore also referred to as a ” terayacht “.

Although really huge and somewhat excessive, it must be admitted that this ship is nothing short of fascinating: imagine taking part in a journey up there, just take a look at these images released by the design studio to realize its incredible peculiarities .

We don’t know how many will be willing to move to the middle of the water , but certainly the planners place great trust in Pangeos, to the point that, virtually, it is already possible to buy boarding tickets, hotel rooms or other accommodations, as in a kind of ” metaverse ” of the yacht itself.

In short: perhaps not everyone will be able to afford to board this gigantic floating turtle, and perhaps we will never see it sail our seas, but for now it certainly manages to make us travel a lot with the imagination!

What do you think about it?

image credits : Lazzarini Design Studio
via : Lazzarini Design Studio

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