This folding razor allows you to shave the whole leg in seconds.

Over the years and generations, ideas have evolved. Contemporary life has become a society of appearances, great attention is paid to external appearance. Each individual must appear perfect, as if they had no flaws. It is precisely for this reason that image-based social networks have developed, where one tries to hide the slightest imperfection. Hair removal also falls within this scope. Hair is often perceived as unsightly, which is why people tend to remove it in certain places.

There are different ways to remove hair, but one company decided to come up with a foldable razor that can adapt to any surface and shave your entire leg in moments. Let’s see in detail what it is.


Scruffie is a company that mainly deals with aesthetics and produces razors. His goal was to make hair removal easier without wasting hours shaving. That’s why she came up with the idea of ​​creating a totally new and unique type of razor, capable of adhering to any surface. So they decided to attach five razors to a small flexible tube , so that in one pass over the legs, all the hair was gone. It only takes a few moments: you must first apply foam to the affected area, then, in a few passes, the skin becomes smooth.

The most interesting aspect of this object is that, as it is modeled, it can also be used to cut hair on the nape of the neck or in rounded areas.


Inventor and company CEO Reid Simkovitz thought a new way to shave was needed to waste less time. In a few passes, even just one, the hair disappears from the skin.

What do you think of this invention, can it really facilitate hair removal or, on the contrary, can its flexibility reduce the ability to shave?

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