This 52-year-old Grandmother Is Being Courted By Guys Half Her Age.

The individual feeds on passions, everyone from an early age has natural inclinations: there are those who are gifted for sports, those for music, those for dance, writing or painting. The fundamental aspect, however, is not to get lost and constantly cultivate your  hobbies . Only in this way could one tomorrow be able to excel in one’s own field .

The protagonist of the story is a woman passionate about fitness . This has led her, not only to achieve perfect physical shape  and to look younger, but above all to be courted by guys who are half her age. Let’s see better what happened

Charlene Farnsworth , known on social media under the pseudonym of model.charlene, is a 52-year-old Canadian woman, more precisely from Ontario, mother of two children and grandmother of a splendid granddaughter . In recent years she has become more and more passionate about physical activity , so much so that she spends most of her week in the gym , focusing mainly on lifting weights. The most surprising aspect is that she is so perfectly shaped that she is constantly mistaken for a fitness model. Furthermore, she seems much younger than her age, so much so that on her social networks she is bombarded with messages from boys much younger than her who are courting her.

” People – said the woman – often tell me that I look younger than my age, but I’m pretty sure it’s only thanks to my body . The gym has changed me, thanks to training I have not only transformed my physical, but also character. I am no longer the shy girl I once was. Now I also have numerous suitors . My husband is extremely proud of my results, and he is not jealous of my admirers, because he knows that I have chosen him and I would not want any other by my side “.

The hidden secret behind his fitness is not only constant training, but also diet, he follows a certain diet so that his weight is always under control . ” I am proud of my body. I believe that lifting weights is the best way to stay fit, lean, but above all to look much younger than you are “.

Do you also believe that constant training is the secret to staying young and always fit?

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