They Told Him He Could Only Adopt A Baby With An Illness, Disability, Or Behavioral Problems.

Our concept of a family is to be born into a loving and desired relationship with our parents. Regrettably, things don’t always go as planned, and this also applies to how Alba was brought into this world.

Sadly, the baby was not accepted by her mother. After that, 20 other families tried to take care of her but all of them rejected her too. It was only after this that her situation started to improve.

Luca Trapanese faced numerous obstacles while attempting to adopt a young girl. Being a gay man residing in Italy, he encountered various social challenges that hindered his ability to adopt infants.

They made a special case for him, so he could adopt her. She was a girl with Down syndrome, and they encountered difficulties on their journey, but overall, they have had a beautiful relationship that was known to everyone.

When he decided to adopt a baby, he was informed that he would only receive a child with an illness, a severe disability, or behavioral issues. What they didn’t realize was that he was okay with any of those choices.

In 2017, she was adopted at 13 days old after 20 families had declined due to her medical condition.

Luca felt fulfilled and happy because of her, and he was proud to be her father.

Luca didn’t take becoming a father lightly. He had experience working with people with special needs and always wanted to be a dad, but it took a while.

After losing his best friend to cancer at the age of 14, he developed a strong dedication to assisting those in need. He now volunteers with Catholic charities to make a difference in people’s lives.

Despite living alone without a partner, he made a wholehearted decision to adopt a young girl and become her father.

Alba can be quite persistent and strong-willed as a young child. She is also outgoing, and loves to dance and sing.

The new dad mentioned it was his first time holding a newborn baby and he felt scared, but as soon as he held her, he felt like they belonged together.

He keeps sharing their life journey with his Instagram followers, who are in the hundreds of thousands. They love being together and have faced a pandemic, but they have emerged even stronger from it.

May they have countless years of joy and love as they journey through life together.

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