They Don’t Want To Have Children So They Can Continue Traveling And Enjoying Life.

Not all couples wish to have children and the reasons can be very varied. Although it may still seem unpopular in the eyes of many, everyone establishes for themselves the type of life and marriage they want to lead, the important thing is that both partners agree on the choices to be made. This is the case of two American spouses who explained their desire not to become parents, at least for some time, convinced that they would be unhappy if they decided to have children and giving reasons for their choice.

Do all women dream of becoming mothers ? It’s not really like that and, if you meet the person who thinks exactly like us, making things work is definitely easier. This was the case for Taylor Vasu , 28 years old, and her husband Justin , who is 27. The two declare themselves happily married and with no intention of having children, which would ruin their serenity. Not only that: they admit that they are terrified of the idea, which would compromise both their union and the type of life they wish to lead.

Taylor and Justin have been together for six years and love to go on vacations: they take about 12 trips a year, making last-minute plans like going out to lunch, working out and sleeping with no schedules on the weekends. All things definitely impossible with small children to take care of.

We are terrified of the impact that children would have on our lives. Having them now would be irresponsible , even economically,” said the woman. Their priority at the moment is to be able to save to buy a house. “We want to wait until we are financially prepared to become parents and give our children the best life possible.”

Taylor added that she fears a baby could ruin her marriage, as has happened to some people she knows who often see unhappy. “When you have kids, your weekends are over and so are your nights out. Your life revolves around them and you forget about yourself and your marriage. Preserving your independence in a relationship is really important, but with children it is difficult to maintain your identity .”

To those who try to remind her that time passes quickly for a woman, from this point of view, Taylot replies: “You are only angry at the consequences of your own actions, I don’t want to be unhappy like you. We can do what we want , when we want, and I don’t want to give up.”

Justin concluded: “We’re on the same page. I want kids, but right now I just want to enjoy my time with her and our relationship.”
What do you think of their decision?

via Daily Star


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