“They Deserved It”: They Celebrate Millionaire Punishment For Hunting Spouses

They must pay a fine of $132,000, spend three years on probation and 40 hours of community service.

On our planet there are more than 1.2 million different species of animals. Unfortunately, a large number of them are in danger of extinction. And one of the causes of this problem is poaching. Whether it’s illegally selling them as exotic pets or to make “magical” products or put them as a trophy on the wall; this practice is wiping out the animal population around the world.

Sarah Bowmar , 33, and her husband Josh Bowmar , 32, have been found guilty of illegal hunting. A federal judge handed down the sentence last week and the couple will now have to spend three years on probation and must also pay a $ 132,000 fine .

Instagram @bowmarbowhunting

The couple is well known on social networks for dedicating themselves precisely to hunting. They have 342,000 followers on their joint Instagram account @bowmarbowhunting , with whom they share their daily lives, the animals they hunt and their eating habits with raw meat.

The Bowmars, originally from Iowa , are bow and arrow hunters , and take great pride in their method.

They were part of a huge poaching ring in Nebraska run by his friend Jacob Hueftle. Between September 10, 2015 , and November 6, 2017 , the couple went on more than a dozen hunting trips at Hidden Hills Outfitters. There they hunted down turkeys and white-tailed deer and trucked them from Nebraska to Ohio.

Instagram @bowmarbowhunting

This was in violation of the Lacey Act , which prohibits the trafficking of illegally caught wildlife, fish, and native plants between states. A lengthy investigation then began against the couple and about 50 others involved in similar activities at Hidden Hills Outfitters.

It was thanks to the publications on all their social networks that the crime was confirmed, since the Bowmars shared a lot of content in which it was possible to verify that they had committed illegal acts. After several years, Judge Michael D. Nelson finally ordered the couple to pay a $75,000 fine plus $44,000 in exchange for letting them keep certain assets and $13,000 in restitution.

Instagram @bowmarbowhunting

In total, the Bowmars must pay $132,000. And of course, they are now prohibited from hunting or participating in hunting-related activities within the District of Nebraska. In addition, they must complete 40 hours of community service.

The rest of the defendants also received large fines and hunting bans for decades. Some will have to go to jail and will also be on probation for many years. Others handed over their hunting trophies to resolve their sentence.

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