They Both Lose 180kg And Take The Same Photos After 1 Year, You’ll Find It Hard To Believe It’s The Same Couple.

The American Lexi Reed and her husband Danny have worked hard to maintain a . positively revolutionize your life and that they wanted to desire to overcome the discomfort resulting from obesity, showing the progressive changes and goals achieved step by step. The two stated that they were driven by the . Lexi documented the training and diet period through her Instagram profile weight loss promise made on New Year’s Day

Before the promise, Lexi weighed about 220 kg and Danny almost 130 kg.

Since making the promise on New Year’s Eve 2016, the two of them have lost more than 180kg.

They did it without a defined nutritional program, without a personal trainer and without any other help.

Before 2016 Lexi and Danny used to consume around 8000 kcal a day…

…then they reduced their income, added training and, within 12 months, they managed to lose half their weight!

Their winning weapons? Mutual support, determination, the desire for a better future and to have healthy children.

“Be comfortable even in discomfort and push yourself to leave your comfort zone.” This has become their motto.

Not just a great act of courage, that of Lexi and Danny, but a real philosophy of life!

It is stories of this kind that show how sometimes a few character components are enough to change!

photo credit – Instagram @fatgirlfedup

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