These Little Squirrels Can Only Be Found On An Island In Japan.

We all love cute and tiny animals. The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is one of the world’s cutest animals. The adorable Ezo Momonga is a flying squirrel that is unique to Hokkaido Island in Japan.

It has become a local mascot of sorts, appearing on the regional railway’s refillable ticket cards as they are so cute with their huge and dark eyes and little paws. They exist in boreal, evergreen forests. For around 160 million years these flying squirrels, of various species have inhabited various parts of Asia. Even America has its own flying squirrel.


Image credits: Pop Shiretoko

A male is called a “buck” while a female is called a “doe”, and a baby is called a pup, kit, or kitten. They take primary foods include nuts, seeds, tree bark, fruits, and insects.

These squirrels are active at night which means nocturnal. They have an excellent night vision with their huge, soul staring eyes.

They actually glide up to 300 feet and this gliding skill is via a specialized membrane called a patagium.


Image credits: unknown

These critters actually have glow-in-the-dark bellies to add to their Pokemon appearance. There’s no clear idea for why this is or to what purpose it serves.


Image credits: Pop Shiretok


Image credits: Masatsugu Ohashi


Image credits: Masatsugu Ohashi


Image credits: Pop Shiretoko


Image credits: Pop Shiretoko


Image credits: Pop Shiretoko


Image credits: Masa Nakamura


Image credits: Pop Shiretoko


Image credits: Masatsugu Ohashi

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