The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool Opens In Dubai: It Houses A Real Submerged City.

If there is one city in the world where luxury, technology, and modernity are constantly put forward, in no less than opulent forms, it is Dubai. Over the years, the famous center of the United Arab Emirates has accustomed us to all kinds of excesses, including record-breaking structures and breathtaking scenery.

It is no coincidence that Dubai is often called the ” city ​​of superlatives “, and the place we are about to talk about is further confirmation of this. To call it “swimming pool” would simply be an understatement, because Deep Dive Dubai is a real underwater world where you can dive and live your passion in a unique way.


image credit: Deep Dive Dubai

Imagine diving into a huge “hole” filled with water, over 60 meters deep, which houses a sort of modern man-made ” Atlantis “. No, we’re not kidding, because Deep Dive Dubai is exactly that and more.

Due to its unique characteristics, this diving pool is the deepest in the world and is already a record. Filled with more than 14 million liters of water, the equivalent of around six Olympic swimming pools, it is equipped with a complex system of cameras to ensure the safety of divers and its water is kept at a constant temperature of about 30 ° C.


image credit: deepdivedubai/Instagram

The comfortable temperature means that people who wish to participate in the diving can wear a simple swimsuit rather than a regular wetsuit.


image credit: Deep Dive Dubai

However, it is not accessible to everyone, at least not yet. Entry is by invitation only. Diving enthusiast Prince Sheikh Hamdan was one of the first visitors, as was actor Will Smith.

What sets Deep Dive Dubai apart is that there isn’t just water in its depths. The spaces, caves and recesses have in fact been equipped with real accessories to create a scenic effect, ideal for souvenir photos.


image credit: Deep Dive Dubai

Motorcycles, cars, a fake library, a chessboard are just some of the objects that inhabit this modern-day “Atlantis”.


image credit: deepdivedubai/Instagram

For those who want to try their hand at exploring this attraction, prices range from $ 135 to $ 410 per hour and, according to the latest information, it will soon be open to the public and also available for driving lessons.


image credit: deepdivedubai/Instagram

Lights and sounds specially designed to create the right atmosphere underwater form the backdrop to this unique “movie set” . And, if diving isn’t your thing, you can always watch what’s going on below through a series of windows and screens.


image credit: deepdivedubai/Instagram

A real little underwater world, certainly special even if perhaps – like many attractions in Dubai – with a slightly artificial side and, for some, excessive.


Would you try such an experience?

source used: Deep Dive Dubai

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