The 16 Finalist Photos Of This Competition Show Us The Wonders And Fragilities Of Our Seas .

The wonders of our seas are literally endless. This is no exaggeration: we live on a planet composed of two-thirds of water , an element that constitutes a real treasure of life, hiding us from creatures, scenes, landscapes, mystical and mysterious places , those same who can both frighten and fascinate us.

The Ocean Photography Awards are dedicated to the immense depths of the ocean and all that populates them. It is a photographic competition in which participants present the best pictures taken in the marine environment to the whole world. Like every year, the competition is hosted by Oceanographic Magazine , whose objective is not only to enchant us with breathtaking photos, but also to provoke thought. It’s no secret that our oceans and the animals that live in them are increasingly threatened by pollution and human activities. This is why it is important, even through the photos of the finalists that we are going to show you, to always remember how precious these ecosystems are.. Welcome to the bottom of the sea (and beyond)!

#1. To call it fascinating would be an understatement.

The photo was taken by Hannah Le Leu

#2. One cliché, a thousand meanings

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

This photograph is truly the one that best sums up the current state of the world and the often disrespectful relationship that man has with nature.

#3. A squid immortalized in Australia by Matthy Smith

For the 2021 edition, the Ocean Photography Awards brought together photographers from all over the world, with different experiences and styles, but all having one thing in common: a passion for marine photography .

#4. Living and respecting the ocean is also that

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

Photo by Phil De Glanville

#5. As you have never seen before …

A very impressive photo of Tanya Houppermans

#6. A photo that speaks for itself, by Sébastien Pontoizeau

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

Their splendid images, each more fascinating than the next , represent a true celebration of the aquatic resources of the Earth. Thanks to these snapshots, we can discover many hidden realities up close at first glance and reflect on how important these are to nature and our survival.

#7. Mysterious, mystical, fascinating and a little disturbing

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

A beautiful photo, submitted to the competition by Martin Broen

#8. Up, all together!

image credit: ocean_photography_awards/Instagram

#10. Tenderness … underwater!

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

Grant Thomas gave us a spectacular image!

#11. Stefan Christmann and his penguins

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

#12. An oceanic moment in all its splendor, photographed by Michael Haluwana.

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

” The Ocean Photography Awards celebrate our beautiful blue planet, “ says the magazine’s website, “and is an ideal platform to highlight the many challenges it faces. We work with organizations committed and determined to ensure more respect and protection of our seas and oceans. “

#13. Hey, sorry, I’m in a hurry!

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

We can only love this photo of Matthy Smith!

#14. A sperm whale and a shower of algae …

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

The photo was taken by James Ferrara.

#15. All together for a souvenir photo!

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

Thanks to the lens of Stefan Christmann.

#16. This fascinating perspective is the work of Daisuke Kurashima

image credit: Ocean Photography Awards 2021

Aren’t these photos great? Which one struck you the most?

Source used:

 Ocean Photography Awards

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