The parents called him and told him they would send him a package. The young man went to the train station, picked up a very bulky bag, and quickly headed towards his dorm room, curious to see what goodies his mother had prepared for him… However, when he opened it, he was in for a shock! What he found ..

Whether they come by train, minibus, or coach, the snacks and treats that parents send are really enjoyable.

However, parents can be mischievous at times, as the student in the previous story discovered the hard way.

He had recently moved into the dormitory after arriving in Bucharest for his first year of college.

His parents called and informed him that they would be sending him a package. Upon reaching the train station, the young man quickly grabbed a large box and headed back to his dorm room. But when he opened it, he was surprised. Inside, there were only wrappers and garbage, no food at all. The student found a note that explained everything, although initially he didn’t understand what was happening.

“You left your room messy after using it. ‘Please remove the trash,'” was scribbled on it.

The young man found the prank amusing and learned his lesson, sharing the entire incident on his Facebook page.

The post immediately went viral, receiving thousands of likes and comments.

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