Where Did The Rest Of The Little Girl Go? The Optical Illusion That Disrupts The Entire Web.

On the web, we really see all colors and we are now used to it. And yet, from time to time, we witness scenes which, for a few seconds, have the power to leave us dumbfounded and to test our powers of deduction. Like the one, we’re about to show you.

What is it about? A curious optical illusion which, at first glance, gives us the impression that a little girl is literally sinking into a cobbled path. There is no photo editing or “trick”: the photo was taken as you see it, and it took little time for it to tour the web, becoming a viral phenomenon. Ready to put yourself to the test and decipher this photo?


image credit: MK24ever/reddit

“Where’s the rest of my daughter? Here it is, I see it now, and you?” Was the title of the post on Reddit that user MK24ever initially shared the photo with. It turns out that the child in the photo is his daughter and, social media after social media, his “mishap” on this path has ended everywhere. On Twitter, she earned the hashtag #onceyouseeit, and it’s not hard to see why.

When you see her, you’ll understand: we couldn’t agree more. Although to grasp the optical illusion, let’s face it, you have to wait a few moments! The little girl seems almost cut in half, as if the cobblestones are swallowing her slowly, like quicksand. So take a good look and sharpen your eyesight because the solution is easier and more obvious than you might think. Since the photo was posted there have been thousands of comments. Many people admitted that they had to read other people’s comments to understand the truth, admitting that it took them minutes and minutes to figure it out.

“I couldn’t see her until I saw her, now I can’t not see her!” wrote a surfer. Some have even called it “the optical illusion of the year”. Have you found the solution? If you’re still confused and trying to figure out where the rest of the little girl has gone, here’s a tip: focus on her elbow.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments if you found the solution!

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