The Most Expensive Wedding Cake In The World Was Made In Dubai And Its Price Is Worth It.

All the people who attended the wedding expo in Dubai had the great fortune to taste a “bride” worth a million dollars.

Debbie Wingham , the creator of this wonderful cake, definitely showed off, almost for nothing, she is the most expensive designer in the world by making the most expensive cake in history , which was valued at 54.6 million euros.

This cake bride has a height of 1.82 meters and weighs approximately 120 kg. She weighed more than the bride herself and it was such a big cake that surely everyone got a good slice .

In the ingredients a thousand eggs and 20 kg were used. of chocolate The entire cake is edible, even the shell of 50 kg of rendered confectionery.

The details are so incredible that you might think it’s a real bride until you look closely. Flowers and pearls adorn her precious dress.

Would you eat that cake? Imagine how much each slice is worth

More than 5,000 flowers were used for its creation and it took approximately 10 days to decorate it.

There are also royal decorations among the groceries, such as pearls and diamonds worth 200 million dollars .

These were used to decorate the bride’s head.

In the following photograph we can see Debbie posing with a “simple” cake, she mentions.

The greatest and most admirable thing is that this woman not only makes cakes, she creates amazing and exclusive shoes that look quite exquisite . This pair costs the “modest” amount of 15 million dollars.

Her work is impressive, just go to her Instagram account to realize it (debbie_wingham).

What do you think about the talent that this woman possesses?

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