The Internet Can’t Agree On A Simple Kid’s Math Question.

Having kids means there will be moments when they require help with their schoolwork. It might be challenging to assist them, especially if their work seems confusing to you.

Math is a subject that many of us found challenging in school, and it can be tough to assist children when we also need assistance. Surprisingly, there are certain math problems that are difficult for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Additionally, the fact that our children are facing a different math curriculum than what we learned in school doesn’t make it any easier. We might struggle to understand the reasoning behind it, and our children also find it challenging to comprehend.

Maybe that’s why a parent found it hard to accept a question from a young student. The incident occurred in June 2023 and was posted on social media.

Upon seeing the question, individuals assumed they had the answer, only to be surprised by the intense debate that followed. The question seemed simple, yet adults found it challenging.

The question was phrased in a way that required some extra thinking. It’s not a simple answer, but rather one that needs a bit of reading between the lines.

Many individuals believed that option D was correct since it was exactly 12:03, making it the closest to the actual time of day.

Some argued that the question asked for the closest time to, not until. This caused confusion, as many thought it meant the time right before the target time of the night.

Creative thinking is enjoyable, but it doesn’t belong in math. Math should be logical, and this question is still causing difficulties for many parents who are debating it.

Ultimately, numerous individuals believe that there are multiple correct answers. Some believed that an answer before midnight would be ideal, while others found it acceptable to provide the closest time, even if it was after midnight.

What did you respond?

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