The Husband Recognizes Himself In A Photo Of His Wife Taken 11 Years Before They Met.

Sometimes fate takes really long laps to make what should happen, respecting and waiting for the times necessary to be fulfilled. This is what comes to mind when reading the story we are about to tell, which is truly more unique than rare. A couple, after marrying and giving birth to two daughters, discovered they had crossed paths long before they really knew each other and the evidence is staggering. Let’s see how things went.

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The story we are about to talk about took place in China and concerns two lovers, Mr Ye and Ms Xue , who got married in 2011. The couple later had twin girls , creating a wonderful family. During a visit to the house of the mother of the bride, an amazing thing happened. The couple began looking at photos of Xue as a young man, to figure out if their daughters looked more like her or her husband. They certainly could not imagine that, looking at the images, they would make an incredible discovery.

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Continuing his photographic exploration, the man focused on one image in particular: his wife was posing for the shot and there was a statue behind him . Mr Ye recognized the place immediately, having visited it himself. Looking more closely  , he couldn’t help but gape as he caught a detail .

Behind his wife, in fact, there was a man, also intent on posing for a photo . However, he was not just any individual : Mr Ye could not believe his eyes when he realized that this person was really him. A truly incredible coincidence , which has unleashed enormous amazement.

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How many possibilities are there to meet a person, fall in love with them, marry them and, rummaging through their memories of the past , find themselves in a photograph of them? Although the time had not yet come to meet, their paths had already completely unknowingly crossed. Only after overcoming the initial confusion , the two have retraced the dynamics.

Eleven years before they met, both had gone on a field trip to the city of Qingdao and visited May Fourth Square . The exceptional fact is that they had done it at the exact same moment ! Considering that in China the population is over a billion people, this coincidence becomes more unique than rare.

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After the discovery, the man also managed to find his photograph , which takes him from a different perspective than that of his wife, and together they decided to share this strong emotion with the web, which was extremely fascinated by the affair. It really seems like the work of fate , don’t you think?

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